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Friday, May 18, 2012

News Type Stuff!

Hello out there!  Just wanted to let folks know that we're still keeping the light on over here.  News posts won't be happening much but our cousin label, Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings, is always up to something.  If you want to keep up with the Not Bad Historical Preservation Society be sure to visit the SLN site since we are partners with Snappy Little Archives.  Our catalog is still active and orders are filled through SLN by the way.  Thanks very much friends and fans!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Is Our New Cyber Headquarters

Welcome welcome to Not Bad World Industries and our new digs.  We've decided to switch to this format since we've been less prolific and it's pretty dang easy to use this site.  Our complete discography is below and we've axed our store in favor of keeping our stock in the Snappy Little Numbers web store.  Be sure to keep an eye out here for any news.  Thanks!


Below is a nearly complete discography of the Not Bad Catalog.  There were a few items that were very short run or put out by someone else with our limited help that are not listed.  Don't worry about those, there is plenty to read below.  Most of the sold out items are available on Emusic, iTunes and other such places.

NBR-032  The Reddmen "Anthology 1995-2010" 3 CD, 1 DVD + Extras (Sold Out)
NBR-031  Big Timber "Academy Lockdown" CD (Sold Out)
NBR-030  The Reddmen "White Omega" CD
NBR-029  Big Timber "Midnight On The Mainland" Digital EP (Email For Info)
NBR-028  The Reddmen/Eyes & Ears Split LP
NBR-027  Eyes & Ears S/T CD EP (Sold Out)
NBR-026  Red Cloud/Big Timber Split CD EP (Sold Out)
NBR-025  Not Bad World Industries "Anthology 1997-2010" 
                  (Only Available Thru Our Historical Preservation Society Site)
NBR-024  Big Timber "Alma" CD
NBR-023.5  The Reddmen "Arsenic Ballads" CD
NBR-023  Machine Gun Blues "4 Songs" 7"/CD EP (CD Sold Out)
NBR-022.5  Out On Bail "The Last Of The Lo-Fi Southern Gentlemen" CD
NBR-022  Big Timber "Lean Down" CD EP (Sold Out)
NBR-021  Call Sign Cobra "II" CD
NBR-020  Falcon Crest "Taste The Thunder Raise The Flag" CD EP
NBR-019  Red Cloud S/T CD
NBR-018  Pariah Caste/Out On Bail Split CD
NBR-017.5  Deadlock Frequency "Traffic" CD EP
NBR-017  Call Sign Cobra "I" LP
NBR-016  Five Day Messiah "New Rock Regime" CD
NBR-015  Qualm "Long Story Short" CD (Sold Out)
NBR-014  The Gamits "Come Get Some" CD EP(Sold Out)
NBR-013  Pinhead Circus S/T CD EP (Same As NBR-009 7" with extra songs)
NBR-012  Contender "Scenic Overlook" CD EP
NBR-011  The Facet "Adult Comedy" CD/LP (Sold Out)
NBR-010  Qualm "Preventing Explosion" CD EP (Sold Out)
NBR-009  Pinhead Circus "Old Yeah, Jaded Maybe, Bitter By Choice + 2" 7"
NBR-008  The Gamits "Endorsed By You" LP (Sold Out)
NBR-007  Five Day Messiah/Stupid HumIn Tricks Split Tape 
NBR-006  Sirr Issac Lyme "Demolition" Tape 
NBR-005  Ophil "Live" CD 
NBR-004  Shogun "Everything I Love Kills Me In The End" CD EP
NBR-003  Qualm "Put 'Er There" CD/LP (Sold Out)
NBR-002  Gutbucket/Sirr Issac Lyme Split 7"
NBR-001  Qualm/Mail Order Children Split 7"

NBSS-002  Zombie Zombie S/T CD EP
NBSS-001  Bailer "This Took Too Long" CD EP